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Is jelqing something have to continually do to maintain gains?

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  • Is jelqing something have to continually do to maintain gains?

    Is it like working out your muscles where if you stop you loose muscles? WIll you loose gains if you stop your routine? Thanks

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    Yes! you should jelq each day just to maintain what you have done
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      You will hear the term cementing over and over, and it implies permanence. However, I don't think anyone knows the real answer to your question. Some claim to have losses after only a week or two, others claim no losses after many months. Who the hell knows. I do think that once you reach the goals you are after, that perhaps a reduced regiment for maintenance might be your best option. For example, I don't think two sessions a week for 15-20 minutes per would be asking too much. On the other hand, trial and error is another option. Reach your goal, go cold turkey and see what happens (or doesn't happen).
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        I have often wondered the same myself, and it one of my biggest concerns. I have read from people who gained, stopped, and lost their gains, but their penis doesn't hang the same anymore or won't get as hard, honestly it scares the hell out of me and I am even thinking now whether or not I should continue.


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          You won't neccessarily lose your gains, they just won't stay as they are. Lets say I gained 1" EL. Well if I don't cement I could very well lose ~.3-.4 and only maintain a gain of .6".
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            These are good questions. Any other long time PE'ers have any input on this? Thx.
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              Hmm, I must say, after some talks with others here, I think that some loss is definitely going to happen, IF you were to just completely stop. As would such losses happen with the muscle mass of people who lift weights all the time.

              It depends on the intensity you have worked up to in your routines, and how much you do to maintain it, in the cementing stage.

              I kinda think when I gave my extender a big break for several months, I did NOT maintain 100% of all my gains. But then months later when I began the PE manual exercises, It all came back.

              So...I think there is ALSO more interesting conversation involved with "Penis Memory" as well, maybe even more than muscles, since it is your sexual organ and it KNOWS what it is CAPABLE of, but may need to be "given every opportunity to SHINE"!!!


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                well your gains also depend on your EQ, basically if you stop PE your EQ will drop slightly and with lower EQ you will see lower gains or in other word you will lose some..some jelqing during the week after shower will basically add blood rush to your penis so i think that would be a good thing


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                  I wouldn't cut back a heck of a lot to find out.
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                    Originally posted by going411by7 View Post
                    I wouldn't cut back a heck of a lot to find out.
                    considering the gains in your sig, one can hardly blame you
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