Hi guys ,

I'm almost in my sixth week and done. I'm doing pe now for 4 weeks. It's seem I have a better flaccid en better erections.

I'll warm up for 5-7 min ( hot shower)
9 min stretching (10 in week 6)5 directions ( I need to refine this, probably there are some gains waiting for me)
20 min jelqs (will be 30 in week6)
50 kegels of 5 sec each kegel
5-7 warming down (hot shower)

2 days on 1 day off.

Does some have a program to continue after this schedule ? Perhaps I can try the same with 5 days on 2 days off ?

Btw about the stretching do I need to stretch it with my foreskin pulled backwards ? First I stretched just behind de glans this was a bit painful. Last week I'm strechting without pulling my foreskin backwards around the middle of my shaft and it feels lot better.