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  • Lost size?

    I am running jp90 and was on my 60th day. I lost 1/8" in length and 1/16" of girth from what I thought was EQ since I gained that size within my 60 days. I'm back to square 1 again.

    I figured it was from edging after all my workouts. I had good EQ and my penis looked girthier but I was the same size as I started.

    I took a week off since I haven't had morning wood so I thought I over trained. My size hasn't came back although I do have morning wood now. Half reps is what made me gain size.

    So starting tomorrow Should I just do half reps without any edging in my routine?
    I lost motivation because something always seems to set me back when I gain. I have no clue where to start.
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    Base everything on your PI's. Do less reps if you have to. Less is more!

    Just because he does this and that, and is gaining from it, it doesn't mean it'll do the same for you. Do what works best for you bro.

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      You might not be getting enough rest. Sometimes, I measured smaller (less humongous) after over working. With rest, the set backs were always temporary.
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        Same as the others. If getting gains don't change a thing. When you do make a change make only one change so you can determine it's efficacy. Losing Morning wood and EQ are negative PIs. Stay away from negative PIs.


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          The thing is I always had positive PI'S and went 1on/1off and that's how I gained. I lost size when I started edging after workouts. Since I took a week off and regained time positive PI's, should i restart with the same half reps I've been doing but go 1on/2off instead? Or is it safe to go back to 1on/1off even though my size never came back?


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            Go back to what worked. Avoid the over working. Edging appears to be too much.


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              Would me cutting weight also be the culprit? I just came back from eating a week of maintenance to re balance my hormones and metabolism and I am back to losing my last few pounds of fat. Hopefully when I start bulking again I'll gain, my doctors told me my test levels go through the roof when I eat more.


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                It could be. Low calorie diets can have effects on our whole body. Personally though it sounds lime your routine go to intense.
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                  Okay, thank you for the reply. I will measure again a a week and if I lost size I will lower my reps. If not I will go for another week then add a few reps since I've been at half reps for over 60 days now.


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                    I have another question that makes me curious, if any one could give me an answer. I stopped masturbation and now my EQ is way better. My EG grew 1/16" but my Length shrunk 1/16". I have been doing half reps on Jp90 for 77 days.

                    Considering that my EQ is good and I haven't had any more gains, should i start to increase reps?


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                      You had good advice, I wi say that since you dd not finish the 90 days conditioning before the edging, you are probably over training your unit. Do what you will do with any other muscle you are training, take it easy, this is a marathon not a sprint. must guys here with cemented gains including my beloved did not get set gains until almost a year in. Have patience, finish the conditioning and then start adding or changing the routine the JP90 is already an intense routine! Good Luck!
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                        I already planned taking edging out permanently.
                        I just want to know whether I should increase reps now that I have great EQ and am not gaining from half reps anymore.
                        I had a 1/8" length gain, but today I lost 1/16" in length and gained it in girth.


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                          I will report back in a month if i get any gains back or even get new growth. I am currently doing 1on/3off of 10 minutes dry jelqing and 3 sets of 10 second ULI's.

                          I had grown 1/16" in girth and 1/8" in length running JP90 at half reps(1on/1off). Without changing my routine, i lost my gains. Probably from dieting, so hopefully this will help. Otherwise i have completely motivation to continue.