I've been doing PE since Feb actively of this year and have made decent gains which mainly came from EQ I believe. I completed the conditioning period for JP90 and warm up/exercises/warm down was taking me over a hour each on day to complete. I went to about day 110 or so until I changed my routine up to big als jelq free routine, I still haven't seen much of a difference after a couple of months and I'm starting to get the feeling that I'm not doing something right. Right now I am doing bundled stretches about 360-400 degree twists and hold for 30 seconds each way about 3 times each. And I am doing big als jelq free routine along with that. I just need advice on this routine and intensity during workouts. How much should I pull out when doing bundled stretches? Am I holding for long enough? At what erection level in your experience is the best for squeezes? And I don't think I'm doing the side by sides right in Big als routine. I find it hard to get any space between my legs to actually do a good rep on the pull to each side, does anyone recommend squatting while doing it or a better method?

Thanks, slayter