@Tbeard86 my flaccid is sometimes 2 inches ) i am not dedicated but i will try to go on

@party thank you man. It will be enough somewhere at 5.9 inches bp and 4.8 girth. I have 2 disadvantages on the other side: 1- turkeyneck which is showing my unit smaller than real
2- more important pre ejac.

Even with current conditions i can satisfy my girl although she is having clitoral orgasm. But she always wants the deepest and i can only catch her point very few which is driving her crazy. And she never said she loved my dick or such words. Only one time she said it seems hard because i was erected 10/10 i guess.

Anyway she is so horny and i think sex addicted.

On the emotional side that i do not know why i am talking about it now ), i love her although she had one night stands in her life (she is 26 yrs). it is not very acceptable to me and i am also not that open minded. unfortunately. I will try to leave her asap.

Thank you for reading my off topic