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Bib's guide to great gains

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  • Bib's guide to great gains

    I was intrigued with the article I read about one of the admins in this website (Bib). My question is simple. Where can I get access to Bib's routine he used to achieve great gains? I'm refering to this article:

    I would love to start my routine using his guide!

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    Bib is an extraordinary example. He was successful not because of just his routine, but because he also learned how to read the signs his body gave him. He learned what how to gauge what how he felt with his exercises as it compared to achieving results. At the end of the day, to achieve that level of success, there isn't a routine to follow to get there. You can learn from others here and their success, and use basic templates to get you started, but to get the exceptional results only a few attain, you need more than that.
    Starting (20 JUL 2012)
    BPFSL: 7.5"
    BPEL: 6.75"
    EG: 4.75"
    Current (8/3/17)
    BPFSL: 8.7"
    BPEL: 8.1"
    MEG: 5.5"
    BEG: 5.5"

    Short Term Goal:
    8.25 BPEL
    5.75 MEG


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      You must get great at many of the aspects of PE, if not all of them, in order to achieve serious gains. Most can gain half inch, even one inch in length, without too much complications. But after that is the real dedication and knowldge.
      2011 | BPEL: 6.2, EG: 5.1 |
      1/2016 | BPEL: 7.3, EG: 6.0 |
      1/2017 | BPEL: 7.6, EG: 6+ |
      1/2018 | BPEL: 7.8, EG: 6+ |

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