This is a quick and simple test to determine how effective your jelqing session is going/went. In your normal flaccid or erect state, if you pinch your urethra it opens up very easily. After your jelqing session, if you have effectively pushed a good amount of blood and fluids up your shaft and into your glans, if you again pinch it it should not open. If it doesn't open it is because your glan is swollen with blood and fluid from your jelqing. Of course this is just what you want, to push as much blood up your shaft as you comfortably can. You can also perform this test during your session. For myself, I use an extremely firm grip and a very slow jelqing speed. When I am performing my UJs, it normally takes about 80 strokes to reach the point where my urethra no longer opens when I pinch it. When performing UVs, because they are more intense then UJs, usually around 60. It takes a fraction of a second to perform the test, and it is great feedback during and after your sessions. I believe it is safe to say that if after completing a jelqing session, your urethra remains open when you pinch it, you really didn't push much blood up your shaft and had a rather ineffective session. This test is also great for guys who want to perhaps do more intense jelqing. Once you have established a baseline for how many strokes you need before your urethra no longer opens, changing your technique or intensity should cause it to close with fewer strokes. Finally, the longer it takes for your urethra to again open afterwards the better your session was. You don't need a tape, string, or anything else: pinch and look - that's it.

I should add that if your urethra doesn't open, it does not mean at all that you just injured yourself!!! It is a temporary condition brought on by your jelqing session and is a positive thing, not a negative.