Sorry if it sounds gross (though it's not like I'm jerking off) to be doing this in my gym, but it's the only place I can do it without getting hassled by the people I live with. I work out pretty often, planning on doing it daily or near-daily, and I always shower after a workout. I also go pretty early in the day, so I'm usually the only one, or one of a few, around in the showers and I doubt anyone would notice or pay attention. Plus, it's easy clean-up, and it would be easy to remember to jelq every time I hit the showers.

My question is, how would I go about doing this? The water in the showers doesn't get too hard, so on my own I probably couldn't do a proper warm-up or warm-down. It's pretty hard to get a hot towel conveniently for when I need it. Would it work to just warm up with the more tepid water, but taking longer to do it? Any solutions?