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Will only jelqing do it?

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  • Will only jelqing do it?

    Hi there pals,

    I'm a diehard lurker on the interweb, but finally decided to join the forum here. I'm a person with short patience and I also don't have a lot of alone time to invest in all sorts of exercises there is, soo, I'm wondering - for minor increases in length+girth (I am thinking below or about 1" increase for both), will jelqing do it?!

    I also have a forward bend which I'm not too fond of, but the chicks seem to dig it so I guess it's not a major problem after all I hear jelqing in certain directions can help this too.

    I have about 6.7" EL and 4.6-4.7" EG. The girth is my main concern, but I could do with some improvements on length also

    So, the post is a little too long for the simple question. If I want to add one inch to both measurements - can I do only jelqs? The reason is I want to only do jelqs is because they seem the safest by far i'm a hypochondriac!

    I'm only 26 so I have the time

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    Welcome bro!

    I have to tell you, having a short patience in PE will NOT do you any good. I also had short patience myself, leading into years of on/off PE which gave me nothing.

    Regarding if jelqs are enough. It CAN be! or it may not be enough. you have to see for yourself. Just start doing it and dont quit
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      Generally speaking, stretches will be implemented for length gains and jelqing/squeezes will be implemented for girth gains for those starting out. I would be remiss were I to not mention that you would be well encouraged to do kegels and reverse kegels (for a strong and balanced pelvic floor....which is ABSOLUTELY HUGE in this activity) and to implement edging/stamina training.

      Have you looked at the programs in this forum?

      But, if you really have little time and little patience then jelqing would be a fantastic solo exercise.

      Again, I would be concerned about suggesting a full program with stretching/jelqing/squeezes/kegels/edging and what not.....

      As stated, patience and consistency are the two biggest things needed for success in this activity. So, work on the patience, too!
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        You won't know until you start. Be safe, read & ask away!

        Some here, have to load up our PE Toolbox with all kinds of exercises, gadgets, and mix up what we are doing. Oh, and it takes time.

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          Have patience and read through some of the articles posted on the site. As long as you add things to your routine bit by bit, your body will give you warning signs before you injure yourself. No need to be afraid. Your goals are achievable, just put in the consistent work and you'll see for yourself!
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            Some have made great gains using only the jelq as their enlargement mainstay. If you're not sexually active you should consider adding some stamina exercises to your routine.
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