1) I ordered a ring of power (I don't expect miracles, don't worry) and I have no clue how long I can wear it and when I should wear it. I'm still a beginner and in general my member is not that resilient. I was in overtraining all the time and right now I'm going with a very light schedule (6-8 rotary stretches and 30 jelqs - I want to add 5 jelqs each session - Im doing one on one off as long as I don't get in overtrain again). No clue how the ring of power will work or feel. I tried one ring of silicone and it sucked.. My EQ was a tad better, but my dick felt even more numb.


I already own a Bathmate and I'm pretty sure that it (+too much, too intensive jelqs) were prolly the reason for overtraining. Is it possible to condition myself with jelqs for the Bathmate? Or should I just start with 3-5 min BM and slowly increase the volume? I thought about doing only jelqs on training session 1 and only BM on training session 2.

Thanks for your insight.