Just wanted to provide some encouragement some I know its hard to stay motivated if your not seeing results. I started Sept 20 2017 on the JP90, hoping to break the 6 mark when complete. I tried measuring on Oct 20 and saw ther was no gain at all in BPEL but my EQ was only about 6-7. My BPSFL has increased but contributed that to just the ligs stretching out. I took a couple days off from releasing at the end of edging and today I could get a 9/10 eg after some squeezes along with some naked red heads. Measured and wow was I surprised. I have went from 5 7/8 EQ at 9/10 to 6 1/8 in about 35 days. BPSFL went from 5 5/8 to 6 1/8. I did not measure MEG this round but would be surprise if there was any change.