So I just found out it's really bad for you and I think I have been unknowingly doing it for a long time. When I was like 6 or 7 years old I used to do it on a chair handle until I turned like 8. Then I stopped after that. I didn't even know I was masturbating, I just thought it felt pleasing.

I don't know if this particular way counts as prone masturbation but when I turned 17, there were a lot of people in my house so it was hard to find privacy, so the best time for me to masturbate was laying down in bed on my back. I was forcing myself to climax in like 1 minute of watching porn by simply rubbing my penis 1 inch behind the glans using three fingers (thumb, index, and middle finger) (kinda looks like that one italian hand gesture) just because I just wanted to get my nut and get over with it.

So is it possible that I damaged my penis over the years? On top of that, I've been addicted to masturbating ever since. I stopped masturbating on my bed that way when I turned like 19 and a half and started doing the regular way everyone does except without lube cuz i can't be bothered with mess. I don't have full blown ED, but my EQ is definitely a little off.

So how screwed am I, and will PE fix it? I'm 19 btw