Ok guys.. I am new in here. But I am 50 years and have PE, ED, Curved penis from injection; Scar tissue on one side of my penis from the injection (the injection went in wrong or some shit. I kind of remember the painful moment over a year ago. Not to mention I have had erections from the injection that lasted over 4 hours)

But again I am 50 years and don't have a girlfriend or a lover. I am wondering should I give a fuck about my limp dick and the fact that I cum faster than most women would like. My dick is curved but doesn't hurt but since it curves to the left, I feel like I am missing part of the right walls of the vagina.

Sure I would like to fuck a woman until she tells me that she wants me to "cum already". But I feel from reading the posts on here that it takes a lot of patience, determination, etc. in order to gain .5 inch of length and to last 2 additional minutes during intercourse.

Sorry it wasn't my attention for this post to be this long. But I guess I am just trying to make the right/best decision for my dick.

So for those of you who have seen improvements, I welcome your comments.