Hi I had just started jp90 and want to ask some questions. Thanks in advance for any help!

1. How do I know I am warmed up? I warmed up by using a hot shower for about 10 mins and my penis got very hot. But after the stretching exercise, it became cold and small again and it is hard to start the jelqing. Is this normal?

2. How do I know it is a good workout session? I feel not wanting to fap after my session. I feel tired instead.

3. How do I know if I hurt myself, i.e. PI? I get lost of EQ for a day or two after my session, without any pain or bruises. How do I check if I am just exhuasted or was hurt?

4. How do I know whether or not my PF is tight or loose? I feel that I have a tight PF and wanted to do reverse kegals. But I am not sure if I am doing it right.

I am really excited to start PE and I really want to do it safely and correctly. Thank you for any advice or comments!