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PE and A workout back to back.

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  • PE and A workout back to back.

    Just wondering if this would cause any issues such as hinder gains. Due to time and privacy I have started a PE routine in the morning and I follow it with 45 minutes on a stationary bike (looking to lose about 65lbs). So the issue that I have is when on the bike there is turtling that happens.

    Is it an issue doing the two together? Should I consider a wrap or something to prevent the turtling?

    I've tried PE in the past and didn't have time to commit so in all reality I would say I'm still new to this.

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    I personally like doing my PE after working out because I don't like to turtle, but if thats your only time to do it then keep it going. Shouldn't have much of an effect. Its just your blood going to other areas. After you're done maybe do some penis shakes/light stretching to wring that turtle out.
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      You might want to leave some time gap after your PE training to ensure you're getting the most our of your post-training tissue stretch.
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        Thanks for the input, its appreciated.


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          Hey guys complete newbie here.Just wondering if the pe workout on the goodlookingloser website is any good or if i just go for the jonpop one as the good Looking loser one seems more straightforward.Also I have a bent penis so should I use a phallosan or something to straighten it out or should I wait for a couple months.Sorry for hijacking just need some answers.Thanks


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            The funny thing is that is where I have been working off of. I started using it last week and it is really straight forward and easy to follow. Its only been a week and I've had no problems or issues and the temporary gains afterward have been nice (for as short as they are, for now). I did try the JP90 some time ago and it did seem to work the same for me. From a lot of the things I've read it seems best to find what works best for you, but I do recommend the good looking loser workout.