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  • Big Al
    Excellent advice above! To add- pare your warm ups/warm downs to 5-7 minutes max each. You're likely exhausting your penis with the excess time!

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  • Moi123
    Yeah i think that porn is biggest problem now. I take one week off PE and only edge and do kegels. Yesterday I edge. I watch sexy bikini girl till i was hard.

    And I exercise 4-5 days per week.
    what is erection tea?

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  • incogneeetoe
    Get away from porn.

    Exercise? Do you do it?
    Erection tea? Do you drink it?
    Yoga? Have you tried it?

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  • Lezoteli
    you work well with visual stimulation the vision of your girl while having sex....less with manual-"touching" stimulation.

    so you need to concentrate more on what you feel.

    stop watching porn, even if in the first days might look your erection is getting worst.
    stop touching for few days too.
    then focus on edging.
    you're going to see a lot of improvements.

    dry jelqs are pretty intense if done right.I suggest you to reduce a little bit your workout volume and see what's happen
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  • Moi123
    started a topic Bad EQ

    Bad EQ

    Hello. I need some advice with my EQ.
    A little bit about me. My routine is:
    Warm up 20min
    10min dry jelqs
    Stretching all directions (hold left/right/straight/up/down one minute then i do 10 big circle to the left and to the right)
    Then I warm down 20min
    I usually do kegels when warm down is done.

    So I have problem jelqing without porn because it's hard to get good erection (60-70%)
    And same thing with edging. Only get good erection when im watching porn (which i dont want to watch and trying avoid it) Looking porn makes me 100% hard and then its hard as rock

    And second problem is when im with my gf. Im hard with her when we touch each other but when she want to bj or do someting only me then its difficult get an erection. When we have sex Im allways hard.

    So i need some advice to get better EQ all the time. I dont think i have injury or anything because this month I had 2 week off and it didnt change anything.

    Thanks for answering and sorry for my baf english.