Hey guys so i've been jelqing and extending off and on trying to listen to my PI's for about 2 weeks now.

Whenever I feel a bit sore or just not right, I take the day off. I want to be extra careful.

Two days ago I did the 90 day routine and was stretching pretty intense and hard but it all felt good. During my jelqing I felt a sudden soreness and a little pain and I took that as a warning and stopped immediatly. I did follow up with my regular bathroom warm down and a 5 min session of Bathmate.

Now today, my unit feels good and I had morning wood but it was not a full erection, more like a 60-70 percent which has been consistant lately since i've been PEing.

My erections are a bit weak but I can get fully hard if I stimulate and touch myself, not without touching tho. Now my concerns are that my unit loses erection almost immediately after not touching it, even if im still looking at simulating stuff. About 10 seconds in, is that normal for you guys? I'm 25.

Another thing that I want to ask if its normal, and probably the most important, is I feel like my unit is a bit tender and underneath my penis, on the bottom part of the penis IF I TOUCH IT I feel sore and a slight bother. It feels like I gripped too hard during the jelqs. My penis also feels a bit stiff in flaccid state. So I'm obviously going to take a break but I'm assuming its probably normal to feel like this?

On the positive side, in just about 2 weeks of extending and jelqing my flaccid state has increased a very noticeable amount and it's already boosted my confidence besides the concerns I stated above. Also, I was measuring anywhere from 6.4-6.7 BPEL and now I'm finding myself sometimes around 6.9 and sometimes 7. It could be that i'm pressing in harder and trying to see results but it really seems like i'm reaching 7 sometimes.

I am using a paper ruler so I can measure width and the paper rulers also make BPEL easier to pierce into your pelvis allowing for probably a bigger BPEL measurement than a regular ruler so that may be the case.

TLDR: Is tenderness/soreness when you touch the bottom of your penis something I should be concerned about? It doesn't hurt when I don't touch but it defitnley feels like it would hurt a lot If I was to attempt to jelq. Also my penis feels a bit firm in a flaccid state but I have made gains, i also feel SLIGHT and some small bumps on my penis but it's also ALOT more veiny so I might actually be all the veins im feeling.