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How long does "the pump" last after a jelqing session?

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  • How long does "the pump" last after a jelqing session?

    Im curious to know especially since if a guy anticipates having sex later that night, would he be able to maintain decent "pump" for a few hours (or just maybe 30 minutes?) until he has sex?

    that way its more impressive to the girl because of your increased size even though its not permanent gains.

    So how much before sex would you folks recommend jelqing for purposes of having a slightly bigger dong before doing the deed?


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    For that you want a penis pump.


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      Doing a partial jelq session so as to not overly exhaust your junk even an hour before might do the trick. Putting a cock ring on will keep all of that pump right where you want it for several hours easy. On the other hand, it's fine for a one time fling, but why exaggerate what you have?
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        Get a "pump" and pump until your penis gets up in the cylinder. Dont pump until your penis gets overly expanded. Use kegels or something to erect it. Should do it at least a total of 30-40 minutes at least an hour before gettin it in her. Pump should last long enough.


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          If you're a beginner you can expect the pumped feeling to last a few minutes. Advanced trainees who are able to jelq for 20+ minutes often feel a pumped effect lasting 1+ hours.
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