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    I've done my research and asked my questions. I'm ready to start my program. I'm starting tonight with JP90 (2 on 1 off). My question is do I need to try to work out at the same time every time? M-F evening is going to be the best time, however sat and sun early afternoon is when I can get the best private/alone time to get a good work out in.

    Also a big thanks to all who have helped thus far.
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    Time of work means something; when you work during the day does not.
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      I've embraced being regular, in many aspects of life.
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        Not too much difference. You should be fine mixing the times up a little. Be consistent. Good luck.


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          I usually do miss everyone in the evening.


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            I generally do my work at the same time. I have noted that my body has become accustomed to the routine and it helps to speed things up.

            I do ulis at about 11 AM 3 times a week (was 4 or even 5 over the summer). My penis seems to anticipate the exercise and gets erect fairly quickly. But when I change the time the erection takes a bit more work to get going. I have conditioned myself to expect an erection at that time.

            On the plus side my wife will periodically have a morning off, and so have time for a nooner (or more like an elevener) and pretty much as soon as she suggests, boing!, I'm up and rock hard. Impresses her.

            I also do edging in the evening shower, and have been for a few years. So pretty much as soon as I hear that water start, I get hard.

            Again, once in a while, if our son is at a sleep over or something, the wife will suggest a bath together, and again, boing!, I'm rock hard without any preamble.
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