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I don't really understand how to find my loss of tug

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  • I don't really understand how to find my loss of tug

    First of all, sorry if this is a super beginner question and it has already been answered by the FAQ. But as I follow the instructions given by the FAQ, I'm still kind of confused. As I pull my member in a specific direction, I'm not really sure what to expect or feel and/or how to determine the LOT. Not sure if this matters but my member happens to curve to the right at a high angle once erect, does that mean that I must jelq to the left? Is that my LOT?

    P.S: Bonus question, I was watching the instructional video on basic jelqing. It seems like the guy is jelqing at a very high erection level. Probably more than 70%. Isn't it advised to only jelq between 40-70?

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    You Dont have to, the LOT theory is not real.

    The tug you feel is your Bc muscle that pulls the Dick back towards the body


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      Don't worry about your LOT for now. Just start off with a beginner routine such as the JP90.

      You are correct, the erection level in the video is much too high. Use the 40-70% as advised.
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        The jelqing video I saw was a guy with a very large flaccid dick and was extremely conditioned. He basically pulled it like taffy through his fingers. This can only be done after many months or years of conditioning.
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