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lost 0.2' lenth wtf ?

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  • lost 0.2' lenth wtf ?

    Hi, Started PE exacly a week ago and now i measured my penis and it went from 6.2' to 6' (Girth stayed the same)

    What's going on ? I'm doing JP90 days workout and my supplement coming soon to my mail.

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    Don't measure so often, you'll drive yourself crazy, EQ can effect size more than .2", so it will vary.
    Feb. 2014 BPEL 6.8" Girth not measured

    August 2015 BPEL 7.7" MG 5.1" BG 5.8"

    Current NBPEL 7.5" EG 5.4"


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      OP, I am experiencing the same thing with a reduction of 1/8 in NBEL. I'm not to concerned about it now, alet hough it p'd me off initially. It's a marathon not a race.
      My Progress: BPEL = 6.375"; NBPEL = 5.875"; MEG = 4.9375"

      2018-01-22 Goal: BPEL = 6.75"; NBPEL = 6.25"; MEG = 5.0"


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        Your dick is 6 feet long !?!


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          Its probably an EQ loss. Dont worry. Listen to your PI and dont measure often
          My Progress Log: "The Unusual Marathon" - The Journery of A (very) Hard gainer


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            Originally posted by Portcitynt View Post
            Your dick is 6 feet long !?!
            He floats on it for a boat when he goes fishing.

            Wait a second..

            You never slow down, you never grow old!


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              Don't freak out, my dick measures a little different every time I do it. It's just how it is.
              Starting (20 JUL 2012)
              BPFSL: 7.5"
              BPEL: 6.75"
              EG: 4.75"
              Current (8/3/17)
              BPFSL: 8.7"
              BPEL: 8.1"
              MEG: 5.5"
              BEG: 5.5"

              Short Term Goal:
              8.25 BPEL
              5.75 MEG


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                Originally posted by Portcitynt View Post
                Your dick is 6 feet long !?!
                lol!! With 6ft, he doesn't warm up with a rice filled sock. He warms up with a rice filled air mattress. He has to hire an assistant just for jelqing. To get a bJ in the car, the sunroof has to be opened!!


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                  Like the others said, it's most likely an EQ loss.
                  Stay away from your ruler a bit... lol
                  Start: 30.10.2016 BPEL 5.9" TSEG 4.33" BSEG 4.33"

                  -------: 05.06.2017 BPEL 6.3" TSEG 4.69" BSEG 4.76"

                  Current: 10.2017 BPEL 6.57" TSEG 4.76" MSEG 4.76" BSEG 5"

                  Goal: 7.9" x 5.5"


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                    Also it could be the ruler. Many of the plastic school rulers don't start at 0. There is about .25 or so extra from the true 0 mark. I use a yard stick that starts at 0 for a true BP measurement. A bit overkill and it's metal so not comfortable at all, but it's wishful thinking.


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                      Im Glad i found this thread.
                      My starting BPEL is 7". I am now on my 3rd week of JP 90 day beginner routine.
                      So of course i measured to see if by any chance any "growth" has occurred. Now i measure a little shy of 7" (perhaps 6.8"). after reading this I'm going to blame EQ.
                      Hopefully no more loosing length business.
                      I am in my late 40's and due to my current relationship (wife not very sexual) my EQ has declined. I remembered in my 30's when sleeping around my dick would get so hard it hurt i would get to 7.5" and this is why I started PE. to get back those hard erections and get to 8" or maybe even 9" ? (wishful thinking...)
                      Neededless to say the advise to follow here is to stay off the ruler.