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PE while doing NoFap

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  • PE while doing NoFap

    Anyone did this? I suffered from ED and DE and I think I need a long time of NOFap to get back on the track and to be able to perform. I changed my lifestyle: eating healthy (and I'm on a diet for like 5-6 weeks - lost like 7 kilogram and built some muscle), meditating and I feel much better with my current mental health. 2 weeks ago I was really depressed.

    So while I did the diet I was also on NoFap and did PE exercises. I made small gains and sometimes I experienced overtraining. I did a 1on2off cycle because I did PE before and after some promising gains I also got in overtraining, relapsed (was also on NoFap) and got discouraged and quit it (i was in a relationship and the setback was awful).
    In the last two weeks I went for a really short workout and didn't use the bathmate for a week until today, to make sure I'm not in overtraining, but for the last couple of days I experienced a loss of gains and a worsening of my EQ.

    Now I wonder if it's the flatline of NoFap (Im doing it for 4-5 weeks, but relapsed one single time a week ago) or something else. It makes no sense for me to lose gains.
    Could it happen from a very low calories input or lacking vitamins?
    My EQ was decent for most times after two weeks in of NoFap. But maybe I wasn't in overtraining and my EQ just varies these days. Any insights?

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    Start & maintain a log. Try not to keep jumping about in what you are doing (pe wise) because that makes it extremely difficult to figure things out & advise you.

    EQ always varies.
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    Looks are deceiving, mirrors don't lie.


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      Thanks man. You mean that I should keep a workout? The problem is I am still trying to find out what is a reasonable workout for me. I guess I'll stay with a version of JP90, cut some jelqs (250 is too much for me) add like 5 minutes of Bathmate with 1on2off and do some Kegels on one of the off days as well.


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        How does this sound to you :

        Do a ReBoot.
        Allow about 9 days to pass, during this time you leave your dick alone, except to urinate.
        After this time you start a mild form of the JP 90, with log, as weeks pass, you can slowly increase. Maybe sideline the Bathmate use for 30 to 45 days.

        Pay attention to morning wood, Erection Quality.
        If at any time things degrade, then see if you have either over trained or added something where you now need to adjust.

        Yes, it is all about experimentation to see how your body responds.
        Valued Member of 11 years at the PEGym
        Looks are deceiving, mirrors don't lie.


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          Yeah, I'll have a look at it. Ty