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I started with the 90 day routine and was fairly consistent with my exercises. I didn't take measurements but I don't think I gained at all. Because of that I gave up and did nothing. I came back to the site a year later and started reading about hanging. I made myself a sock hanger (search the forum) and started hanging. I started super light as I was terrified I was going to damage my member. Eventually I moved to 3lbs and then 5lbs. I've now made the Captains Wrench.

My routine now consists of an hour of "hang time" 4 x 15min sessions or 3x20min sessions (depending on fatigue) and 1-2 300 jelque sessions in the shower every day. In the past 3 months I've seen some really good gains in length and bit on girth.

Moral of my story - you may not see any gains at all with a beginner routine, but it helps get in tune with your member. It's important to find what works for you so explore other things (hanging, stretching, etc).

how much length did you gain?