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I found an easy alternative to a rice sock

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  • I found an easy alternative to a rice sock

    When I first started PE I wasn't really trying to leave a rice sock hanging around so I tried something a bit different. It's super easy to use and only requires that your tap has hot water. Just get a 16 oz water bottle, flatten it slight to the curve of your penis then put hot tap water in it. I usually heat one side of my penis for 3 minutes then the other for 3 while browsing the internet before I start PE.

    I don't know if BPAs are leeching onto my dick, but I make sure to shower after PE!

    Hope this helps anyone who wants something a little more discrete than a rice sock.

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    I use a rice / flax seed sock, personally.

    My wife has a hot water bottle she uses at night on her lower back to help her go to sleep. Thought about giving the bottle a try, however, I quickly can picture her reaction if caught using it to warm-up before a routine... Ha!

    - Mega


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      The bottle should help with the warm up; however, for on going routines, the sock is a much better alternative.
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        Something that wraps is a little better. Heating pad works very well.


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          Agree with the reviews here. Good on you for finding something that works but I prefer to heat the entire surface area as effectively as I can. Rice sock is the clear winner. Thanks for sharing your experience. Perhaps someone will find it useful.
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            Hot water bottle works, but the rice sock works so much better. If you are worried about anyone finding your rice sock. Tell them it is a home made heat pack, for sore muscles and stuff...... 😊
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