Hello, everyone. I've been hanging for a couple of weeks with the Sizewarrior hanger and currently I'm hanging 3.3lbs(1.5kg) for 1 1/2 hour a day. As I read on many places when someone is hanging he should check the skin on the base if its streched, if it is that means that the hanger is not attached correctly and skis in taking the pressure. My question is, isn't that true only for the uncut guys ? Since I'm hanging with the skin over my glans (like suggested on many places for uncut hangers) my sking is stretched at the base and I do feel stretching of the skin in general but I believe that I do feel stretch over my shaft/tunica as well. I don't feel any pain or discomfort though.. As a beginner I'm hanging SD and BTC.. So do you think that its okay for uncut guys to have tight/streched skin at the base while hanging ? Also one more question: My maximum free time per day is 2 hours so I was wondering when increasing weights should I continue hanging 2 hours a day or it would be better to start with 1 hour and increase time the next week (I fonund more logic in this as the stress will be gradully increasing..). Thanks!