Hi Guys

Very nice to meet you all, I hope you can help me out, Iíll give a brief run through my issues iím having

34 y/o male, Took a medication for a short period of time 13 months ago and stopped due to reduced sensitivity on penis shaft, panic set in dropped the meds, however since then, other issues set in, in no particular order

1. Bend in penis to left (No Pain whatsoever) when both flacid and erect

2. Definite Loss of girth

3. Definite loss in length

Iíve had numerous tests done and docs gave me all clear, please note I am totally open to the idea that my initial problem with said medication was purely nocebo and in the interim period I damaged my penis from attempts at masturbation and doing homemade sensitivity tests, basically overusing it to convince myself my tool was in perfect working order.

This has all happened just over last 13 months and I am very down about the damage I have caused my penis. I was always well endowned and it makes me very sad to see the state of affairs now, itís effecting my relationship to point of no sex life and basically have lost confidence in my once prized possession.

Basically I am looking for a steer on the SAFEST method I can try to correct my girth and curve and would most grateful to anyone who can help me, I am a young man looking for my life back.

Thank you all

The Battler