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Ok, I think you do not need to buy anything. That being said, I do think investment into some supplements is helpful. A lot of us here on the 'Gym drink 5G tea. Ginseng, Ginkgo, Ginger, Garlic and Green Tea. All have some quality that helps the erection. That is the only investment I have made.

Well, the only investment apart from time and effort.

As to living with your family, here is what you do. Take some time to note their routine. Chances are your mother has a set routine when she does things. Your brother, too. So look at their schedule and see when you could work around it to do your PE routine. Find times when the shower/bathroom is free. Set your own routine that they can recognize, and then follow it. You don't have to out and out tell them, but most people will recognize that you have set habits.

I plan my PE work around my family. I know when I can get into the shower without interruption and do 15 minutes of edging. I know when I can do a 10 minute stretching routine without anyone bothering me. It takes a little thought, but it is easily doable.

I live alone so I am lucky but I think this is great advice!