I started JP beginner routine almost a month ago. I made some really good gains. Started at supposedly 6.4in BPEL and now I'm at 7in (I now only have a accurate ruler that goes to 6in but as I pressed down wherever the ruler ended after it touched the public bone and measured again from there so it could be inaccurate) however I can't measure girth anymore but the biggest I've measured it before the routine was 4.9-5in. I've noticed as I go through this more often my penis tilts a little to the left probably because the left cc is smaller than the right. How can I fix this? Also when telling a girl your penis size do you use your Bone pressed length or non bone pressed length? I use my bonepressed length since that's my actual full on size and the fat pad can be pushed in like with a ruler to be able to use it entirely. Also I wanna be able to unleash the biggest load ever. What brand of supplements should I use to accomplish this? Sorry if this was lengthy or not but I'd love to learn to master my sexuality to be able to please not only me but also my girlfriend.