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Collagen good or bad for gains?

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  • Collagen good or bad for gains?

    Collagen is known for repairing tissues that have been harmed, which could be a benefit when it comes to PE. However, it is also known for improving skin elasticity, getting rid of wrinkes, etc. Could this be bad for PE? I know the point is to stretch your penis, so could elasticity harm gains or help them because the collagen is repairing the tissue you are essentially tearing?

    I know it's good for lifting. Not sure about PE.

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    From what I've read, ideally you want that damaged tissue to be able to break it down easier on your next work out. Collagen could be great for helping to cement gains though.
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      Not bad, Penis health is the goal ALONG with gains. collagen has and is being used for health.

      One of the main theories of PE gains is the replication of cells through tension, like skin stretching. This requires growth factors and building blocks. Limiting either is stupid.

      IF plastic deformation was the only growth mechanism then abstaining from building blocks to weaken the extracellular matrix of connective tissues for a time would make sense, but it's not.
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        You can consume all the collagen you want it's not interfere with your gains, but it might help your joints work better and make your skin look younger over time.
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          Sounds good guys, I'll look into it


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            Just eat more jello or bone broth every week.
            Sex is the great leveler, taste the great divider. - Pauline Kael