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So how should i practice edging? I mean for how long each session? And for how many days a week(how many times a day I guess?)Should i ejaculate or not in the end of the session?

Also what do you mean there is no difference in tape?
(Sorry for all the questions)
Humm, start with 10 minutes after 1st approach to PONR and u're good. Then add 5 minutes or so each month or every 2 weeks, u decides.

2 days on and 1 day off; 3 days on, 1 day off, 2-2 or 5-2. U'll find out which schedule is better for u.

About ejaculate or not, it depends. Pretty simple exercise, usually after ejaculating, how does your penis behave? Some guys says that their penis turtle and kinda, some says gets bigger (me), so i always ejaculate after an edge session.

Yeah, i feel girthier, heavier, fuller, but when i measured i did gain nothing on a tape, but u feel, believe me, my gf just looked and ask what happened, i can't explain this for u, but some guys says that is pretty normal before a gain on a tape. On tape i gained 0.4'' on FG tho in just one month with a lenght only routine.