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Is it typical for BPSFL to be the first to see improvements

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  • Is it typical for BPSFL to be the first to see improvements

    Iím wondering if itís typical to see your first increases in links from the BPSFL. If this is common how long does it usually take for EL to catch up. Iíve been going almost 90 days and seen a 7/8 inch increase and stretch length but only 1/4 inch in EL, and no increase in girth. My question is should I modify my routine or keep doing what Iím doing
    Routine 2 days on 1 off, 2 days on 2 off( weekend)
    First 20 days
    20-40 substituted Straight out stretch with V stretch. And equal number of V jelqs to regular jelqs 150 each
    10-15 edging - big finish
    BPSFL + 1/2Ē
    BPEL + 1/4Ē

    I realized I donít like doing that many jelqs and started big Alís jelq free routine
    Working up from 300-500 side to side and 20-20 squeeze and hold 20-30 sec
    50 V jelq and 50 Reg
    10-20 edging-big finish

    50-same as above but no Jelq or edging on Tuesday and Thursday and no big finish
    Add 2 session of light sock hanger 10-20 min with 2lbs (just getting used to it)
    BPSFL + 3/8 total now of 7/8 ď from 5 5/8 to 6 1\2
    BPEL still only +.25 at 6 1/8

    Any advice is greatly appreciated

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    Maybe you should do less. I do 100jelqs 60pinch helps and 5 10-20 sec squeezes and the stretching part of the jp routine. I went from 6.4in to around 7in BPEL in around a month. Don't rush it. That's my best tip.
    Short in height, long in length ;p


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      Thanks razz I know Pegasus strongly believes in less is more sometimes but Iíve always had Positive PIís so I just kept going trying to put the time in


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        I took a break from porn for like 5 days and become super horny and like 9/10 erect. Try that before u measure.
        Short in height, long in length ;p


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          I think I am going to take a break after the 22, it will be just over the 90 day mark. No PE, no porn, and do nothing until after 1-1-18 Andy then measure and see is any more results


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            It's worth a shot
            Short in height, long in length ;p