Hey guys,

Been browsing a lot lately and with the Injury I recently got (not being able to get erection, numbness, etc.) After getting back Into PE by doing jelqing and stretching I was wondering perhaps what you guys would recommend the best?

I have gone through various threads and beginner routines, so I want to know what worked best for you guys personally and what you guys recommend to avoid...

Now I'm hoping to get a bit more girth but to even out my dick mostly.. tip (under head) is 11.5 roughly, mid around 12.5/13cm and base is roughly 13.5-14.5cm... so a goal of 5.1-5.5 inches on the entire thing would be nice..
Basically going from a little thinner to little thicker which I don't really like (I feel as if when I did PE 3-4 yrs ago I heavily gripped the tip (under head) and squashed it, cause that's where i would grab the most and stretch LOL, but don't this I ever saw any gains .
Length wise.. getting about an inch would be perfect.

So for girth, I'm guessing Jelqing is the way to go? I'm guessing this also caused my Injury. I am a huge grower so my flaccid can be really really small at times and sometimes decent..(with stretching noticed it can be a lot longer) so I jelq with a small percentage of erection so I can actually feel the blood in my penis being pushed.. should I just stop jelqing? I don't want any permanent injuries and I did warm up and only helped for around 5-10mins... or maybe was it just a bad experience? I've ready many bad things about jelqing but I really do want a bit more girth..

Now length wise.. I'm grabbing my sword and stretching in all directions. Warming up then holding in all directions and strerching, however, a lot of threads and people have been saying stretching upwards and straight is to be avoided as it's just calling for trouble, so the safest way is just to stretch downwards?

I do remember reading a thread which tells you which part you need to exercise or that's holding back your gains or somethi g and I remember I needed to stretch for length... as that was holding me back. just wanted to know your guys opinions and success stories, and perhaps how much you manage to gain in what time frame.

Thank you.