I made a few threads regarding a possible injury I gave myself using the bathmate for the first time. Thread for reference:Penis soreness and numbness after first bathmate use (repost from device forum). It has been a little over a week since I used the bathmate and my penis seems to be okay in regards to erection and overall feeling. My glans regained sensitivty and I masturbated a few times to judge how orgasms and glan sensitivty felt. Although much better hard to tell if sensitivity are still weaker than they originally were or if its all in my head.

I was going to start the JP90 routine tomorrow but start with 50 regular jelqs and 30 v jelqs and increase 25-50 reps each week for regular and 30 for v until I build up to 150 and 90. Stretching and warm ups will be done as directed. I was going to do 2 days on and 1 day off. Advice tips and opinions from veterans and experienced members would be greatly appreciated. Stats are rougly 6 NBPEL 4.5 EG but can vary depending on EQ quality. Sometimes slightly under and over 6 NBPEL and 4.7 EG. 6.5 BPEL sometimes a tad more or less give or take. I am uncut and curve upward and slightly to the left. I have a natural turkey neck so any advice regarding that is welcome.