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  • No results after the first month

    I have a few questions. I hope you can help me.

    1) I Exercise 2 months and 10 days. In the first month I got 0.7 inches in length (I know it's a lot and it's normal to get the most in the first month). I worked for 5 minutes of warming up . 10 minutes of stretching and 10 minutes of jelqing.
    The problem is in 2 months. I did not even get a millimeter. Exercise more than first month ::: 5 minutes of warming, 15 minutes of stretching and 15-20 minutes of jelqing.
    January is my 3 months and I still have no results in the last 10 days. I exercise 1H and 15 minutes :::; 5 minutes warming up, 20 minutes of stretching, 100 repetitions of JAI stretching and 10 repetitions of A-stretching and 25 minutes of jelqing. I have a day off after 7 days of exercise.

    What's the problem, Why I have no results, I exercise three times more than in first month I'm starting to think I've reached my maximum. I'm really starting to worry. Should I change the routine? Do you have any advice?

    2) second question . In the beginning, I had 5.4 inches, now I have 6.1, my goal is 8.3 inches in one year. until 1 October.2018. Is it real or just a dream? At first, I believe that this is possible, but now I begin to doubt it

    Thank you

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    1. Your initial gains are the newbie gains that many make. After that gains are going to take time and patience. You are only 2 months in and that is a very short period when it comes to PE. Keep working at it and you will start to see some gains again, just at a slower rate.

    2. Your goals are a bit on the unrealistic side. It took me years to gain that much.
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      I'm not a pro but what you saw most likely is newbie gains.

      Everything after that comes with patience, it takes time and will come a lot slower.

      Besides, you're really lucky to have even grown that much!! I'm 2weeks into my routine and I hope in a month or so I can gain atleast that much, I'd be very happy and grateful.
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        Hey Alfonz!

        Welcome to the Gym.

        if you haven’t already done so it would be a good idea to read/review the information in the Start Here section (button in top left corner of the page. Lots of good information regarding best practices and safety tips.

        As indicated above, each guys dick responds differently to PE. It took me almost nine months to see my first 1/4 inch and four years to gain almost one inch. Be patient and consistent and don’t try and rush to reach your goals. That is when injuries occur.

        Good luck with your PE endeavors.
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          Hey whats up man?
          I think one thing you have to remember is that resting is important. You've already made some really great newbie gains, however gains in general do come with time. You should continue to stay consistent and take the rest periods you need and slowly watch those gains come in. Also, if you haven't started already your diet plays a great role in your gains. So drinking adequate amounts of water, consuming your fruits and vegetables will help out ALOT.

          Good Luck Bro!


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            Welcome to the gym and congrats on your initial gains! That is a lot to gain in one month so consider yourself fortunate. Right now you are going through the conditioning period. This typically takes 3 months for length conditioning and 6 months for girth conditioning. During this period you are retraining your burrito and moving from a state of stasis to a state active growth. Be careful of how hard you push yourself during the 3/6 month period. Watch your PI's. More effort does not always translate to more impact. Consistency over time is key. Your burrito grows through small internal micro tears induced by stress. The tears form, during rest days they heal and it is through this repeated process that you add inches. Most of the time, newbie gains come from improved EQ and IMO the newbie gains are a restoration or realization of your true initial length. They are the easiest to get but also the easiest to lose. Continue pressing forward bro you are doing great, use the newbie gains as momentum to keep on tuggin! Good luck and let us know if we can help in any way.
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              Congrats on newbie initial gains, that just proves Pe works. Now the rest of your ape journey begins, like @ultimate burrito said conditioning takes time and gains take time. Be consistent and very patient, and learn how your body works, because as you get better at Pe, you will notice the tremendous difference of doing things right as opposed to doings things wrong. Make a game plan, keep records and keep reading everything you can on