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  • quick question on gains

    So I was very skeptical going into this whole process and as my first introduction post read I really don't believe this will work. I've read too many posts about someone with no gains who had been at it for 6 months, 1 and even 2 years with no gains. I automatically thought I would be one of them for sure.

    Well, it's been about 7 weeks now and i'm shocked as can be that I gained .25" in girth which no way can be a measuring error as i've measured my initial girth 50 times and 50 different ways and always came to the same dreaded number 4.25". It can't be better erection quality because my erections were actually better before i started PE. It's hard for me to get erect now and if i do it's nowhere near a 10, maybe a 7-8. And my flaccid has gone up so much and that happened after the first couple weeks.

    So anyways, i really didn't want my length to go up as i've heard too many woman complain about long and skinny, which is worse than skinny and proportional. However, my length went up and now it's just over 6".

    so my question is can I start doing girth only exercises as I don't want any additional length at least until I can add another .25" (my goal is 4.75"). Everything says wait until the JP90 is over, but don't know if I can.

    What are the risks?

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    What are the risks? How about Injury....

    You need a well conditioned unit for more advanced exercises. Patience is a key in this area. No rushing, no over pushing, no making up your own rules - its all about safety.
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      A .25 inch gain in girth over 7 weeks is well above average and many guys would kill for those kind of gains. You are obviously doing something right with your current routine so why change it? Stick with it until you hit a plateau.
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        You have been given the correct answer to your question already by ZZ, but I thought I would chime in here as well.
        If you are gaining with the JP90 in both length and girth 7 week in, why would you change anything? You don't know if the "girth only" exercises you are considering will work for you. But, you know that the JP90 exercises you are doing now ARE working for you.
        You've already said that when you started, you didn't think any of this would work and that you would be one of the guys who never gained anything. You were wrong about that apparently, and after only 7 weeks you are already thinking of changing your routine.
        Most that have been around here for a while understand the urge to go harder, more intense after realizing your first gains. Most of those same members will tell you that it usually don't work.
        You my friend are in "THE ZONE" keep doing what you are doing. Finish out the JP90 and if you have gained from it, I'd suggest taking a week or 2 break and do it all over again. Keep doing it until the gains stop.
        Oh, and congrats on those gains!
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          the only reason i wanted to change was the length gains that I didn't want. I believe they will keep coming with the JP90 as there is a lot of pulling and my jelqs last about 10-15 seconds each so it's a lot of pulling/stretching.

          I really appreciate the feedback. I'll continue the JP90 as the last thing i want is injury. So far so good though, it hasn't been an issue.


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            what is a JP90 ?


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              Congratulations on your gains. Keep it up.