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Substitute for JP90 as a beginner for shorter routine?

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  • Substitute for JP90 as a beginner for shorter routine?

    Hello PE friends,

    I figured out that i used to count v jelq reps wrong, all this time. Im not consistent with routine because im doubting what am i doing with my life as i play with my penis for a hour a day..

    Not only that im incosistent, counted v jelq reps wrong, even with that whole routine takes me like hour and i don't want that

    Is there routine where i can make gains(i know you all preach for JP90 and that is currently best on web) but to take less time to finish it?

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    is there an edit button? where can i find list of routines people did and summary of gains they have made?


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      I don't spend much time on my JP90 Routine.

      30Minutes at best.

      Its important to warmup, then I spend 10mins on manual stretching, another 5-10 on V-Stretches and another 5-10 on Jelqing and just warm down.

      Incorporate it into your daily schedule whenever you can, in the morning, lunch, after work, or whenever you get time and make it a routine just like you would goto the gym.
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        You can find some other beginner routines, as well as all the other essential information you will need, in the START HERE! link at the upper left of the page. The JP90 shouldn't take an hour to complete. If you are spending a lot of the time on warm up/warm down then reduce it down to 5 minutes each. That should be enough to effectively warm your penis.
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          Thanks both!

          How long should it take then? Is there a list of routines that people did?


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            The following is a recommended entry-level training/conditioning routine:
            The Basic Training Penis Enlargement, Male Enhancement, and Stamina Routine
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              You can also adjust the JP90, by reducing the number of sets and exercises... You might find one exercise or stretch really uncomfortable, so listen to your body and adjust accordingly...
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