So after 2 months of exploring the PE forums I decided to give it a go !!
First week I went for a 5 day light jelqing routine. 10 min warm up 120 jelqs and a 10 min warm down. EQ went through the roof , great night and morning wood and good all day hang.
Week 2 I got ahead of myself and added squeezes and clamping !! pulled a lig in my left side and had to rest for 4 days. Went for a 1 day on 1 day off light Jelq routine and again EQ went up and hang was good. Had a cheeky measure and length was up 0.6 inch on BPEL !!
I put this down to EQ but it felt generally bigger in my hand. Week 3 went off track again and done 6 days straight involving stretches , jelqs , v jelqs and squeezing after intercourse and low and behold my EQ has dropped again !! No night or morning wood just a good semi hang first thing.
So Iíve decided to have 4 days off and go back to light jelqs every other day with Kegels and see if my EQ returns and stay like that till the end of 3 months and then measure. Morale of the story is !! Light jelqs and rest seem to work for me , 1 on 1 off !!.
Iím really only interested in girth so not sure this will work but hey itís all about EQ and positive PIís for the next 2 months and we will see what happens !! Warning to all newbies like me , donít get ahead of yourself , watch your EQ and PIís closely !! A big dead dick is useless , a healthy one rocks.