Hey guys, I'm trying to understand Front and Reverse Kegels a little better.

From what I've read, doing front kegels during intercourse can actually be counterproductive and make you orgasm faster. Reverse kegels are supposed to be better for helping you hold in your orgasm.

However, as a workout routine, should I be doing both front and reverse kegels to strengthen my pelvic floor? And during intercourse/edging, should I only be doing RKs? That seems to be what the articles I've read have suggested. Or should I be only practicing RKs and not the front kegels?

The other question I have is about edging... Just wondering... when you guys are edging and you get close to orgasm and stop, how long do you hold off for before you start stroking again? Do you keep yourself 100% erect or do you let it die down a little bit? It seems like my erections are the strongest when I stop stroking. Sometimes I might not wait long enough and start stroking again, and then get to the point of no return

Thanks for all the help