Anyone know if it would be possible to damage or weaken my pelvic floor from itching my asshole?
I've had hemorrhoids for a long time and while I've used prep H, gotten them looked at by my doctor, use suppositories, I tend to get some hardcore itches during the day that I give into over the span of several years.
Sometimes I itch pretty hard, and I'm wondering if this could have an effect on my EQ which hasn't been the best lately. I'll stay relatively hard during sex but yesterday my girlfriend and I were going at it, and I noticed I might have had around 70 or 80 percent of an erection when I'd pull out, or when she'd give me head.
I wanted to ask because I was doing some PE before bed and was goin to do some erect kegels but couldn't get harder than about 60 or 70 percent and would just fall over. Could've been because I'm tired or from trying to get hard without porn, images, etc., but was wondering if anyone knew anything about that.

I'm seeing a urologist May 8th to get a professional look at everything, but any advice or knowledge here would be greatly appreciated!