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My personal routine. Comments/suggestions?

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  • My personal routine. Comments/suggestions?

    Ive been PE'ing for about a month and a half now. Ive tried getting into it plenty of times in the past but couldn't find the time. Well i worked out a routine that seems it could give posistive results but I would like to know what some of u guys think.
    I only Jelq in the shower. I am a mechanic so i take a shower every other day. Which from what ive read is good because I get a somewhat intense session, a whole day to rest, and then session, etc etc.

    So for my session
    35 - 40 min total.
    15 min warm up. I wrap a wash rag snug around my junk the whole 15 min. (Most of the time i wash my body very first thing when i get in for that reason.)
    The next 20min Jelqing. I always use two hands so i can push my skin back at the base to give a clean jelq all the way up to the glans. I jelq straight down, out straight, up, and side to side. Probably about 30 to 40 jelqs each direction.
    The remaining few minutes I do about 5 to 6 erect squeezes and then i wear a cock ring for a 5 minute warm down.
    I also wear a cock ring throughout the day being very concious of how long its on. (30-45min) about 3 times a day even on rest days.
    After the first 3 weeks i measured and gained 1/4 lenth making it a even 7" and just a hair of girth about 4.89"
    I will be measuring next tuesday for the 2 month measurments.
    My questions are is this to little? To much? Should i cut down on the warm up say 5 min and jelq instead?

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    I know in a newbie but I really could use the advice. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


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      Welcome to the gym and congrats on your gains!

      There is no benefit to doing a 15 minute warm up, 5 - 10 minutes will do the job just as effectively. In my opinion there is no need to jelq in all directions. You want to do your jelqing straight out or even slightly downwards. This will allow you to make your grip as close to the pubic bone as you can so that you can jelq as much of the shaft as possible. You should add some stretching into your routine also. You can do your stretching in all directions.

      If you are going to wear a cock ring then you need to make sure that it is properly fitted and doesn't cut off too much blood flow if you are wearing it for extended periods. Jockinthebox has a thread with a lot of good information on wearing cock ring for extended period.

      Extended wear Cockring Challenge
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        Thanks for posting. All true
        Big D


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          Thank you for the reply!!!
          Ive been meaning to measure myself to get the correct one. I will get the correct one soon. What I did in the meantime was get a soft one and soak it in hot water for my sessions untill it stretched enough to be just snug for throughout the day use. Im really glad you said that about the warm up. I was kinda hoping i could shave off a few minutes to dedicate to more jelqs or girth work.

          I did just recently start supplementing myself with L-arginine and horny goat weed and might I say WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! Not just in quality of erection but just natural energy level as well. I felt wide awake when I got to work this morning.

          As far as stretching i understand it to be best to stretch after jelqing. Is this true? The basic principle being you just made it that much more malleable so stretching will be more effective. And would it be unreasonable to dedicate about 10-15 minutes to stretching.


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            I just measured April 9 for the 2 month and I got just a hair more of girth bringing me to just over 5" and keeping about 7" length.

            More notably I noticed my EQ beginning to go down hill a little so I thought I might start giving myself more rest days and I think that was a good choice. I did purchase a bath buddy and start working that into my routine. I only pump for about 6 mins after my warm up. I definately like it. Ive used other pumps in the past and this one works great its just a pain in the ass sometimes. I found there is no way it would seal unless I shaved. And if u use any kind of lube and try to pump forget about it. Lol.

            My question. On workout days I have stupid rock hard erections. And they usally ache just a little which i dont mind but it seems like on rest days it doesnt get nearly as hard again untill I do another session. Is this a sign of low EQ?
            Much appreciated guys.