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My beginner gains and a note of encouragement and advice to other beginners

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  • My beginner gains and a note of encouragement and advice to other beginners

    I just wanted to post a note for you other beginners out there. I've only been doing this process for about six weeks now. Obviously, that is not a very long time, but I wanted to post some observations I've made during that short time in case it helps others.

    I started out 2/25/18 at just under 5.5" BPEL and at exactly 5" erect girth mid-shaft, 5.75" EG at base. A month later I'm at just under 5.75" BPEL, 5.125" EG mid shaft and a full 6" at base.

    I'm primarily going for length, and a quarter of an inch gain might not sound like much, but to someone who had come to believe that there was NO real way to enlarge your penis short of surgery, this almost doesn't even feel real. Seems like an alternate reality. My penis is bigger than it was a month ago, by a substantial fraction of an inch. This process is real, this process works, and I'm thrilled with my meager 1/4" inch gain! Don't get discouraged or think the process doesn't work. It truly does.

    I also understand that these gains could simply be due to an increase in erection quality from the exercises; regardless, my erection is bigger than it used to be, and it's solely because of the PE process. Even if it's just an increase in EQ, I'll take it.

    Aside from the increase in size, I've noticed several other things that will be more than enough incentive for me to keep going, even if I experience no more size gains:

    1) ROCK hard erections like I haven't had since I was a teenager (I'm 43). I don't recognize my own erection almost. This was an unexpected benefit.

    2) VERY noticeable and very welcome increase in flaccid size. My flaccid non-stretched length hovers around 4" now (sometimes a little longer), and my flaccid girth fluctuates between 4" and 4.5". Before, it would regularly turtle into an embarrassingly small and compact package. Now it's always out and hanging.

    3) Visible increase in head size. This has always been something that was a problem for me. My helmet was always a bit small and didn't seem to ever get fully filled with blood. Now it becomes fully engorged and the added size makes quite a difference to me. It's not HUGE yet, and not as big as I'd like, but it's definitely bigger, even when flaccid. Again, I was told before that you can't really increase head size. Well, you can.

    4) VERY visible increase in veins, both small and large. I'm still undecided about whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes it just looks a little scary.

    5) One huge side effect is that the pleasure and intensity of my orgasms has gone WAY up. I had no idea this was even a potential side effect of PE. It's almost startling how much better my orgasms feel. It doesn't actually make sense to me. Can any of you more experienced guys out there explain why this is? What is the PE process doing that is leading to this increase in pleasure and sensation? I just want to understand it. Over the years as I've gotten older, the strength of my orgasms has dropped a lot - not only the sensation, but also the force behind the ejaculate. Sometimes the load would sort of just roll out. But NOW, in some cases the force of my ejaculation is superhuman (during sex this afternoon, for instance, my load rocketed and hit the wall behind her head when I came, something that hasn't happened with me for literally decades). Even when I have normal ejaculation where it barely shoots out, the PLEASURE is at a new level of intensity that catches me off guard. I just want to jerk off all the time now before this new power goes away. I'd really like to understand why the sensation has changed.

    MY ROUTINE: First two weeks I only did light manual stretching, light jelqing, and kegels, using variations of the JP90 routine. I had read a lot of the advice on this forum and was determined to take things slowly to avoid injury. I STRONGLY recommend people follow that approach. Start light and gradually build up. (I got a little too aggressive a couple of times in the beginning and my dick objected, sidelining me for a few days and making me very concerned). I also make sure to warm up. I have a seat in my shower, and I just sit down and let the hot water beat down on my penis and balls for five minutes before I do anything.

    After a couple of weeks, I received my Bathmate X30, which definitely took some getting used to. It's still not entirely comfortable, but I've worked out the ball-suck issue so that's no longer a problem. Since then I have been been doing a combination of manual stretching, Bathmate, and jelqing in the shower. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out the intensity level and volume that worked for me. You have to go far enough, but not TOO far, or else your penis starts objecting.

    For me the routine that seems to be working now is:

    3-5 minutes warm up
    2-5 minutes manual stretching
    25-50 light jelqs
    5 minutes Bathmate
    100 Jelqs
    5 minutes Bathmate
    50 Jelqs
    2 minutes Bathmate
    3-5 minutes hot warm down with more light stretching

    (Yes, I take long showers. I do turn the water off for long periods though.)

    I have on occasion pushed things a step too far intensity wise and started to get strange feelings and disconcerting sensations in my penis. Weird nerve pain, bluish helmet, etc. Worst is when it happens in the head. The next day my penis turtles and loses it's new flaccid hang and girth. When that happens, I take 1-3 days off and it gets better. I don't resume exercises until it's back to normal. Since learning not to push it too far, I have had to take less time off, but recovery days are good for growth, so even if nothing is wrong from a PI standpoint, I try not to go more than 4 days straight using the routine. People say it on here all the time, but you really do have to pay attention to what your dick is saying and take it seriously.

    NOTE: I do a LOT of kegels, both during my PE workout (especially during jelqs) and throughout the day when I think of it. I think this has been one of the biggest contributing factors to the erection quality.

    I'll try to report back in a month. I'm only measuring monthly. For the first week or so I kept measuring every couple of days and wasn't seeing any change, so I stopped measuring. When I finally measured at the end of a month, the new 1/4" had magically appeared, which was mind blowing. So, I'm just going to stick to monthly measuring. Again, even if I don't gain any more size from here on out, I will keep doing some version of this process, as the benefits have already been substantial.

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    Wanted to pop back in and post a progress update. Still doing PE, and I'm still seeing gains. I found that the routine I outlined in the first post was a little too intense in the long run. I was starting to see occasional negative side-effects such as numbing along the sides of my penis, pain, weaker erections, etc. So I had to scale back the intensity. Now I do one of the following in the shower:

    1) 50 or so jelqs as a warmup before using my Bathmate for 15 minutes, with NO other jelqing during the session
    2) 200-300 jelqs alone (and a variety of light stretching exercises), with no Bathmate at all

    I found that the jelqing after and during Bathmate sessions was just too much for the nerves in my penis.

    In total, I've gained 3/8" in erect length in 4 months. May not sound like much, but it's approaching half an inch, and I'm still amazed that it's actually happening at all. I've gained just shy of a 1/4" inch in girth, which is a little slower than I'd like. But it's something. I'll just keep going.

    TIP: rather than using a ruler or a measuring tape to measure my length, the way I track my progress is by using a cheap wooden-paint stirrer you find at any hardware or paint store (see pic). I mark my erect length on it in pencil along with the date. I prefer this method, because it allows me to see my past measurements at all times and I can see in very concrete terms how much progress I've made. It also keeps me more honest as I'm not dealing with numbers in any way. I just put it on, mark the length, and that's it. If I want to know total length or amount of progress, I can measure the stick with a ruler. Not sure if I'm the first to think of doing that (probably not), but it's very handy.

    In summary, if you're not sure if PE actually works or are wondering if it's a myth, I can assure you, it's very real.

    I'll report back in a month or two.


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      Good progress, keem. 3/8" in four months is better than some have had in a year. If your eq is still high, you could probably eek out a bit faster growth by warming up with moderate-intensity stretches before pumping, especially if your BP flaccid stretched length is close to your BPEL.

      I like the "story stick" idea.
      01Jun18: BPEL 6.75, MSEG 5.0
      04Aug18: 7.375x5.5
      12Sep18: 7.5x5.375 (haven't had time for ULIs)

      Goal: 7.5-8 x 5.5-6. Almost there!

      Heat makes all the difference.


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        Originally posted by USGainEx View Post
        you could probably eek out a bit faster growth by warming up with moderate-intensity stretches before pumping, especially if your BP flaccid stretched length is close to your BPEL.
        Thanks. Yes, my BP flaccid stretched is essentially identical to my BPEL, which I've found very surprising. Does that indicate anything in particular progress-wise? And my typical non-stretched flaccid is always between 4.5" and 5" now which is a nice side-effect of all this. It's just always "out" now. Can't remember the last time it turtled. Again, does that signify anything specific progress-wise as far as you know?


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          Its hard to explain, but those three are closely related. BPFSL is like measuring a bag while its empty; basically, how long can the connective tissues get. BPEL is how well you're filling the bag (along with EG). A high EQ, especially, means you could use more room in the bag

          So high EQ, and 1:1 BPFSL/BPEL = go for more length.

          Lower EQ, and significantly longer BPFSL = go for more girth.

          You're in a good spot to focus more on length without losing EQ.

          I've always thought improved flaccid hang is a sign of optimal penis health and probably growth as well. Kind of like the pump you get at the gym.
          01Jun18: BPEL 6.75, MSEG 5.0
          04Aug18: 7.375x5.5
          12Sep18: 7.5x5.375 (haven't had time for ULIs)

          Goal: 7.5-8 x 5.5-6. Almost there!

          Heat makes all the difference.


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            OP, thanks for the contribution, keep it up! Consider starting a progress log in the "Progress Forum." Look forward to hearing more and thanks for sharing!
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