I've just recently started a penis enlargement program after some injuries and real some horrific issues in my life and I'm hoping all goes well

although I have some questions for anyone who is familiar with anatomy , I had surgery for buried penis and a varicocele in 2015 and there was only one incision and when I jelq and stretch my penis and left testicle go to the left I'm wondering if the doctor connected the spermatic cord and the internal penis or something of that nature, I'm probably going to ask him soon although who knows how that will go?

It really seems to disrupt my hormonal production and obviously I want to enlarge my penis and live comfortably and happily , my plan is to get some imaging done maybe an ultrasound of the testicles to see if my spermatic cord is twisted aka interment testicular torsion ,

I am of course am wondering why my testicle is acting up from simple penis enlargement exercises

and FYI I'm on testosterone injections although I really don't feel they have shut down my testicles or else I wouldn't be having this problem so I'm going to talk to a doctor regarding that as well although once again who knows how that will go

bottom line I want to comfortably enlarge my penis without making a negative impact on my hormones

any thoughts tips suggestions insight information anything would be greatly appreciated