Hi Guys,

I'd say I'm new to this but started PE back in 2004, after some failures with a Jes Extender, I gave up and Have done PE on and off since then. Since the wife left me I thought I'd get back in to it and boost my confidence trying to increase my penis size.

Any way, can I make good gains from just stretching and using the Bathmate? I love the BM, its a real confidence booster seeing quick results and I don't mind doing the stretches however I just cannot bring myself to be able to Jelq anymore after an unfortunate incident where I popped a blood vessel, urgh! It was horrible and scared the crap out of me. So I just need to know if I can get good results with just the BM and the stretching? Any advice and opinion welcome.

BPEL 6.2"
Girth 4.8"