In an effort to correct a curvature (non-peyronie's) I have been using a phallosan forte for the last couple of months, (though I am not particularly happy with the product). My penis curves markedly to one side and the effect is, I believe, exacerbated by some torsion.

Though searches do bring up some threads on curvature, I find the content somewhat inconsistent and largely based in speculation, whilst articles seem to focus on Peyronie's. Whilst there are forums for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, foreskin restoration and more, there are none specifically for matters of shape, (torsion seems almost entirely undiscussed). Therefore, I find myself trawling through vast quantities of text for little reward.

I understand that the solutions are typically conceived of as gains in isolated areas, but I find it difficult to confidently apply general gains discussions to my problem, and see no evidence of suggestions and recommendations therein yielding results for those with the problem.

Is there anywhere I can find more concentrated information focused specifically on this issue, rather than it being treated as a sidenote?

Many thanks,