I have read about PE for years, but havenít really tried it until recently after I broke up.

My tool is small BPEL 4.5 EG 4.2. However I never had any problem satisying my partner and can make her orgasm twice to thrice each session, and we last for about 30min to 1hour. I also masturbated daily since I was in high school, now Iím 24.

I started 11th May Measuring BPEL 4.5 EG4.2, for the first week I was just rushing into it and did only short warm up and stretching straight into jelqing 200reps. For the first week I edge to ejaculation almost every other day.

Then I started to be able to control it, but most of the time now Iím jelqing at below 30% erection is that okay? Iím following JP90 now.

10min warm up
25second all direction stretch @ 4sets
Wet Jelqing 150 (50reps each)
V Jelq 90(30reps each, alternate hand every 3reps)
5-10min warm down
Everyday I edge for 30min to an hour without ejaculation, planning to ejaculate every 3rd or 4th session.
I also do kegels whenever I think about it.

Measurement as of 24th May 4.7 BPEL, have not measure girth.

Any advice on whether or not I am in the right track? Will I get a promising result?