Hi guys.

I have been studying this forum for about a month.. Love it.. super informative.. thought it would be cool to join in the chats now and take it serious.

I'm in a different country and away from my girlfriend for 2 months. I purchased and received the Penomet about 2 weeks ago (noob mistake from what I see now) I wanted to add a bit of girth to give my lady something to be happy about other than the fact I'm back. Especially my base girth which is 0.75" thinner that mid shaft..

First week I took it slow with the softest gaiter. This week I did ◊3 jelq & pump supersets along with stretches as a warm up. This felt great, the CCs were pretty pumped the whole day and I could feel it was a good workout (compared to other body workouts) but not sore.

My Question Is:
Penomet states; the best girth results have come from people doing ◊3 pump & jelq supersets (5 min each). Seeing as that is my aim I gave it a try and no problems so far.

This seems to contradict what the JP90 is saying. I see many seasoned growers saying one should not pump until the 90 day routine is through.
Does anyone have any knowledge about this routine being better or worse?

Thanks a million
Any response is welcome

BPEL =7.25
Mid EG = 5.75
Base EG = 5.0