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Doing kegels while Stretching!?

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  • Doing kegels while Stretching!?

    Hi ,

    I'm starting to do the JP90 and just wondering what is the reason to do kegels while stretching?
    how I see its like I train the muscles that pull in my penis when I kegel by resisting it with streching ,but how that contribute to increasing my length ?

    thanks for helping!

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    Kegels are for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. This may help to promote gains though improved EQ but it really doesn't do much for actual gains.

    If you scroll down to the pelvic floor balance section of the JP90 instructions you will see that it's now recommended that a beginner should not kegel while stretching.

    CAUTION- The technique of stretching while kegeling can be harmful for those who don't have the requisite level conditioning to handle it. if you're new to training it would be in your best interests to become proficient in the standard kegel before attempting to stretch against a kegel contraction.
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      Once you condition yourself, you can kegel while stretching. I actually started doing it more and have found it to work great for me but I've been also doing PE on and off for a few years.
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