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  • Why is there so little evidence

    I'm a newbie in PE. I started JP90 around 25 days ago. I got pretty excited because of the stories on here and because of the encouraging community, but I feel like there is a lack in evidence. I've only seen two people, rammeln and atx (JP90 skeptic guy, who also has seemed to be disappeared after his post), who show good photographic proof of their progress. I feel like I've read about hundreds of people who claim to have gained around an inch or more, but where is the evidence.
    I've seen most of the other pictures listed in the link below, But except for the two mentioned it seems like pretty subjective evidence (different sized beer bottles as comparison?).

    I've read some posts of really big gainers. Do any of them have photographic proof?

    Links to the two post mentioned:

    routine's / picture proof / picture comparison

    JP90 Results: +15/16" BPEL +4/16" EG [HQ Pics]
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    This may help you understand:

    No member - EVER - is required to show before/after photos to support their assertions. Yes, before/after photos do give more validity to claims, especially if they are not common (e.g.: gains, length of time achieved, method, etc.).

    There are 2 sides to this everyone needs to remember -

    Always take anything you read on the Internet with a grain of salt. (Sometimes a heaping tablespoon of salt.)

    However, we also understand that not everyone wants to post photos for the world to see. So, always take that into consideration too.
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      Do you want your dick posted on the internet?
      The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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        Why are guys hyped on photographic evidence ? In the modern world photography is wothless as evidence.

        We have had internal discussion on this previously guys doubt evidence of any kind except one . Now that one is actually growing a bigger dick that convinces everyone .


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          Photographic evidence is not really evidence.

          However, there is some peer reviewed scientific evidence out there, albeit for traction and pumps:

          Non-invasive methods of penile lengthening: fact or fiction?
          - BJU International, 2010
          "A recent prospective study [7] showed that, after 6 months of daily use of the same extender device for >= 4 h/day, there was a significant gain in length, of 2.3 and 1.7 cm for the flaccid and stretched penis, respectively... These findings were confirmed by another prospective study conducted by Nikoobakht et al (J Sex Med 2010)"

          Penile traction therapy and Peyronie’s disease: a state of art review of the current literature
          - Therapeutic Advances in Urology, Feb 2013
          "What is the evidence for penile traction therapy?
          The authors reported an increase in the mean penile length of 4.1 mm (100.5 mm before and 104.6 mm after PTT) (p > 0.05) and decrease in mean erect penile curvature (EPC) of 14° (from 34° to 20°) (p < 0.05) in this small case series.
          In a small series of nine men with ‘small penis’ and an initial mean SPL of 12 cm, PTT of at least 6 h per day for a minimum of 4 months resulted in the mean SPL gain of 1.8 cm (range 0–3.1cm).

          The use of a vacuum erectile device for penile length preservation
          Aghamir and colleagues reported that 6 months after VED use, there was a nonstatistically significant increase in mean penile length from 7.6 to 7.9 cm [Aghamir et al. 2006]. While the efficacy of VED treatment was approximately 10%, there was a 30% patient satisfaction rate.
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            Thanks for the replies guys. I wouldn't mind posting my dick online to show my progress. And since a lot of people here seem very eager and (understandably) happy to share their progress by showing their measurements I was expecting people to post a lot of pictures as well. But I guess most people don't want to post their dick online. I do think some evidence (not necessarily pictures) might help the starters of PE to keep working consistently towards their goal even if results aren't showing. It helps in keeping a positive mindset through the process in my opinion.

            And thanks for the scientific evidence incogneeetoe! That looks promising
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              I was skeptical about PE 15 years ago when I first heard about it. I deciding to start about a year and a half ago and saw some gains which made me wish I started this a long time ago. I never posted any pics, but if I'm taking the time out of my night to type this and I'm lying about my gains, then I need to be put in a nut house.


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                Originally posted by CUSP82 View Post
                Do you want your dick posted on the internet?
                Ummm.... too late.
                How did I get here?

                Well I was looking for (I gotta thing for small people, so what), and ended up here.
                And I've been here ever since.


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                  I'm on my 31st day of JP90 and gained 1/8" in girth and 1/16" in length from only doing 50jelqs/30vjelqs. Not even the full routine. When I first started PE I gained 3/4" in length and 1/2" in girth. I didn't cement my gains and lost just about all of it. That's what happened to me recently. I didn't cement my size and lost 1/8" in length and 1/4" in girth.

                  The point is, stay consistent if you want to grow. Consider any size you gain a blessing.


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                    I thought quite a bit of people posted their progress on the "pictures" section.
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                      Originally posted by CUSP82 View Post
                      Do you want your dick posted on the internet?
                      Yes please.

                      Bern there done that, not just here.
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                        If I posted my before pictures on here I could be arrested for distributing child porn, because I started at 14. Now I'm 30 and I still don't like taking pictures.... I've done it before and getting compliments and creepy DM's from other guys telling me they wish they had my penis is not what I'm about.
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                          hope I don't get in trouble for posting progress pictures of my burrito on the open forum...

                          Here's my proof that it works! BEHOLD BEFORE AND AFTER!!!!!!!!
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                            I think 90% of gains come from an increase in EQ. I got about a .75" gain in BPEL when I was going pretty hardcore a few years back. I lost it all, though. I've never seen an increase in MSEG.
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                              Originally posted by BeavisMacon View Post
                              I think 90% of gains come from an increase in EQ. I got about a .75" gain in BPEL when I was going pretty hardcore a few years back. I lost it all, though. I've never seen an increase in MSEG.
                              With newbie gains, yes most of the gains are from an increase in EQ. After that the gains are 100% from damaging and regrowing penile tissue.
                              Sex is the great leveler, taste the great divider. - Pauline Kael