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eating more than 2 eggs per day r bad for penis erection..True or lie?

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  • eating more than 2 eggs per day r bad for penis erection..True or lie?

    Hey guys it would sound really weird.But my friend told me that eating more than 2 eggs per day effects de erection problem.And what he said now makes me feel bad.Cus i eat kinda 4 eggs per day..Is it true or lie?I hope u guys reply me back

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    Eggs are a great source of protein and one of natures perfect foods. some people believe eggs are bad because they are high in cholesterol. Some cholestrol in the diet is needful. Contrary to popular beliefs eggs are good for you.

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      I'd second what kingpole says....I try to eat at least 3 egg whites each day, as they are full of proteins and amino acids. I can't imagine why eggs would cause any type of erection problem.

      Your friend should pluck all those hairs out of his palms and stop masturbating...


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        I know that eating more than 1 egg per day is risking the chance of raising your cholesterol. I'm not sure if high cholesterol can lead to impotence though. Just from a pure health perspective, I wouldn't over-do it with the eggs.


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          Your body makes a lot of cholesterol every day to put in you cell membranes. However, the cholesterol that you eat in an egg doesnt compare to the amount that you make, plus it doesn't contribute to total cholesterol levels as much as people think.

          "People who reported eating > or = 4 eggs/wk had a significantly lower mean serum cholesterol concentration than those who reported eating < or = 1 egg/wk (193 mg/dL vs. 197 mg/dL, p < 0.01). More frequent egg consumption was negatively associated with serum cholesterol concentration (beta = -6.45, p < 0.01).

          Conclusions: In this cross-sectional and population-based study, egg consumption made important nutritional contributions to the American diet and was not associated with high serum cholesterol concentrations."

          Source: Pubmed


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            Eggs are great for you and have never caused a cholesterol problem for me. This is pure bull shit.
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              thanks guys u r de best.So i am not worried anymore about this


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                Next time ask your friend for his source of information. Don't let your friend stay malinformed help him out too.. eggs are awesome lol
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