I'm on day 51 of my JP90 routine (in calendar days i'm about 3 months in because of breaks etc.), i saw gains in about 10 days but have plateaued ever since at like 5.4". I think my girth has actually shrunk, but that may have been to error in my baseline reading.

I've recently bought an air pump to use towards the end of the JP90 routine, i bought it now so that i could get used to using it, but have a couple of problems:

  • The pump is solid, but the manufacturer recommends not using a petroleum based lubricant, as it's bad for the seals on the pump tube. I use baby oil (paraffin-based) for my JP90 jelqing routine which works really well. I tried a water based lube and it dries way too quickly. Anyone have any recommendations? / is the warning against petroleum based lubes just BS?
  • The pump really hurt on my first go, i only went up to like 1hg. What is the principle here: is its job just to fill the unit up with blood? So far i have found heli-shakes do this quite well (although very gently).
  • How long am i supposed to hold it at max pressure in the pump? (Apologies for this basic question - but all the threads in the devices forum are used up with vendors selling bathmate lookalikes. I can't use a water-pump because i don't have my own bathroom.)

Any advice greatly welcome!